The buying of diamonds is always an important experience mainly because of the price and quality of the diamond. International Gemmological Services also known as IGS recognizes this and takes it with the precision that it requires. IGS focuses on gemstone certification and research. IGS is a Services that brings people that have interest in gems together to grow and develop to a qualified gemologist. 

IGS mainly began as part of international network of Gemmological Institute of Americ, also known as GIA, graduate gemologists, whose mission is to educate and inform people about gemology. Gemology is basically a science that deals with the study of natural and artificial gems and gemstones. Since 2004, International Gemmological Services has been issuing its own certificates while still maintaining the Gemmological Institute of America grading criteria. It started doing this so as to respond to the frequent changing needs of the public and jewel industry. Every graduate of IGS holds a GIA graduate diploma as a gemologist. To ensure that they are always updated on recent developments they are required to attend a regular number of conferences which are held in different areas all over the world. 

The main aim of IGS is to inform the public on recent researches and developments by posting the relevant information on the internet. IGS posts important issues on gemology on the internet so that anybody interested in the topic can be able to learn. International Gemmological Services has been able to publish several articles on the topic. The satisfaction of IGS is to know that it has been able to educate the public on something important. Since the opening of the site International Gemmological Services has been able to feed the curiosity of different people who were willing to learn about both artificial and natural gems and gemstones. 

Though IGS is located in London, we have covered a wider region through publishing our researches on the web. We know that knowledge is power. With the correct equipment and resources International Gemmological Services is able to feed quality information to all the curious minds in the world. Gems have always been an interest to most people and with International Gemmological Services the people get the power to learn about it. Gems and gemstones are basically everywhere and we might have touched a valuable gem without even knowing but with the information that people learn from the site they can be able to tell each gem apart and even determine the quality and authenticity of the precious stone. 

International Gemmological Services is mainly there basically to inform people about gemstones and most of the members are not interested in trades but just to feed their minds. Al information that the Services publishes is well researched by qualified people and the public is assured of quality information. The main goal of International Gemmological Services is to teach and make the information on gemstones easily accessible to every person who has an interest in the topic. IGS London is not affiliated to any other IGS laboratories outside of UK and all their certificates state "IGS LONDON".